In a digital landscape primarly focused on lead generation, many companies are still relying on telemarketing strategies to get a warmer touch with their market. For clients with this necessity, be2be has always established itself as a key account towards external contact centers. Since may 2019, be2be has opened its in-house contact center to lead and check even better its in-house telemarketing activities, guaranteeing high-quality services and a quicker time 2 market.

The benefits are huge: you can have an high-skilled and dedicated operator, directly trained by us, continuous kick-offs and a dedicated account for the whole process and fine tuning.

Our operators are specialized in the b2b market, trained on the selling techniques, filter-overcoming and post-selling management.



We sell your products via phone on the b2b market, taking care of the Go Live process. be2be:

  • Knows your company;
  • Defines the call script;
  • Sets up your business material;
  • Trains the operators;
  • Sells;
  • End2End approach: we build Back Office and Operation.


All through 3 distinct phases:

  1. Test;
  2. Sales Training;
  3. Ramp Up.


Appointment Set-Up

We set up your appointments with targeted propositions, optimizing the work of your commercial network with immediate benefits and sales results.


All to reach 3 distinct goals:

  1. Setting-up appointments for your network;
  2. Generating drive to store;
  3. Warming up dormant DBs.


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