A Brand Identity is the image you convey to your target markets: an original and distinctive positioning, representative of your reality, that stands you out amongst your competitors and places you on the top of mind of your clients and prospects.

65% of the consumers declare to have an emotional bond with a brand or a company. They’re the most precious clients willing to spend 50% more than the others, indifferent to price politics and very careful about the brand’s message and communication to which they put their trust[1]



In a landscape ever more competitive, building a unique and recognizable brand is a key factor in business and communication strategies. Consumers are more informed and aware, their choices go beyond products and their functional characteristics, while they’re increasingly looking at the values and the history of a company.

Logo, naming and claim can sum all this: a clear and strong identity sharing the same values of your target and bonding with your clients .



Companies and start-ups are not alone in having chosen their logo as a primary business card. During the years, even undisputed leaders as Coca-Cola or Lego have successfully launched rebranding operations concerning their logos and claims.

Behind a rebranding strategy lies a changing that you want to communicate to the market: a widening of your own business, a corporate merger or simply your ability to evolve and adapt to the new challenges of your field.

As the company itself, the brand also represents the necessity to renovate in tune with the style and trend of its field. A rebranding is the best way to convey to your consumers the picture of a company always looking towards the future.


The brand concept is a vital phase of a company. be2be studies for you the creative solution to best represent the values and the selling proposition of your identity.





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