The ”WOW effect”

#Branding #Strategy #Proximity

The first time we saw HOTELCUBE WOW, the new management software for hotel facilities, we didn’t say WOW. We were speecheless.

Our task was to provide a new strong and innovative image to the new software by Proxima Service though a new brand product. There came the new logo for HOTELCUBE WOW, the new PMS. And was there that we said WOW.

But we did not settle, as always.

For Proxima Service, we have developed various videos, from the teaser to the presentation of the main features. Starting from a clear and structured script, we have developed dynamic graphics to show the ”WOW effect” coming from the solidity of their expertise.

But still: it wasn’t enough for us.

Because sometimes the best things are the nearest to us, even if we can’t see them.

To achieve this the GPS technology came in our support for the localization of the best facilities around.

This is what we have developed for Proxima Service and its flagship product HOTELCUBE, one of the best independent management software for the hotel network on the market.

The proximity marketing project we have developed has reached high engagement level providing to the hotel facilities the maximum visibility.

With us, every hotel is not just a mere dot in the crowd.

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