Companies have decided to rely more and more on mobile devices to communicate and interact with their customers, often opting for a proximity marketing strategy: a targeted communication allowing you to send your ads to users in close proximity of your store.



We check our smartphones an average 250 times a day for at least 7h per day. And this trend is expected to rise in the next few years.


Proximity Marketing: find promotions around you!


  • App Impressions Campaign: your ad always displayed on the most downloaded apps with different sizes and formats and high visual impact, ideal for generate impressions and promoting your brand;
  • App/Facebook Unique Users Campaign: your ad on display for the highest number of users around you, while browsing the top downloaded apps or the most influential social network in Italy;
  • App Clicks Campaign: A campaign with a high-level engagement that entice users to discover your product or service, designed to promote drive to store or interest towards your promotions and offers.


Our network includes the most downloaded general apps (i.e.  Weather, News, Horoscope,…) and sector-specific apps (Cars, Sport, Wellness, Food, …).


Proximity Marketing takes all the chances around you! Your campaign performances, in terms of Impressions, Clicks and Unique Users are always guaranteed!


With the proximity service offered by be2be and through GPS technology, you can reach potential customers just as they’re passing near your shop.

Smartphones are not just a device or a tool, but they’re the main player in the most defining moments of our day: when we’re looking for something, interacting with someone or simply spending our spare time.


Proximity marketing campaigns are the best solution to:

  • Raise awareness around your activity;
  • Promote a product or a service;
  • Announce a promotion or a discount;
  • Draw potential customers to your shop or another physical place (drive to store/drive to stand).


Following an in-depth analysis of your business goals, be2be defines the most suitable solutions for your needs:

  • Graphics designed in every format to achieve the highest level of engagement on mobile and draw customers to your store or discover a new promotion;
  • A call to action redirects the users on a highly conversive landing page that gathers qualified leads;
  • We estimate an average time for each campaign, but the real goal is the achievement of your campaign target in terms of unique users, clicks and impressions.


We offer you guaranteed results already during the plan and budget definition.

We monitor the campaign development through real-time reports, from its launch to the achievement of the goal.


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