Investing in offline marketing might sound like some sort of contradiction. Reality is that many companies to this day choose to differentiate their communication channels by investing in traditional advertising. This because the purchasing process is less and less linear and digital communication channels represent only part of the touchpoints consumers through which they get in contact with the offers they’re looking for. Also, traditional marketing is still the privileged channels to increase brand awareness.


be2be chooses for you the best suited media and develops the most efficient graphics in line with your goals:

  • Printed Ads: articles and ads on trade magazines, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterheads and much more;
  • Gadgets;
  • Trade events.



Printed ads still produce a strong impact on the purchases of a potential client since they can be physically touched and stored. This often makes the message real and tangible: closer to the consumer. A flyer or a coupon can be an efficient mechanism to generate measurable leads.

Furthermore, an integrated an coordinated marketing communication with your visual identity, declines in all channels towards prospects (from business cards to printed paper) strengthens of your company perceived value.



Many times in a company lifetime there is the necessity to find a distinctive and unique object to present itself to its market: an inauguration, a trade event or a seasonal happening;

be2be is specialized in gadget customization supporting your loyalty campaigns. From classic calendars to notebooks for Christmas greetings to the most popular gadget designed specifically for your brand.



Attending a trade event is unique occasion to stand out from your competitors and to make your company immediately recognizable from your target audience. In order to get it right, you need a communication that gives the ‘’wow’’ effect and calls attendees to stop by your stand.


be2be takes care of your project in an unique and creative way, from the stand rendering to all the graphics for your totems, banners, flyers and custom solutions that draw the attendees interest.


80% of the attendees claim that live demos and the chance to bring a gadget with them gave a considerable boost towards the purchase of a product or service[1]





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