Adding to your marketing strategy a promotion based on Google Ads campaigns has proven to be one of the most efficient choices to bring traffic and clients on the landing page and on your company website.


Google is the privileged access for any research, even of a commercial nature:


  • 86% of the consumers rely on the internet to find a local business;[1]
  • 72% of the consumers prefers to search on the internet all the infos about a local business;[2]
  • 29% of the consumers search products and services online at least once a week.[3]

be2be, a certified Google Partner, plans the campaigns suited for you in order to optimize your budget and conversions.

Our campaigns always have a dedicated Traffic Manager that constantly optimizes budgets and results


be2be sets your promotion campaign on Google with:

  • Relevant ads and call to action;
  • Keywords corresponding to the users’ research;
  • Budget always optimized;
  • Real-time reports.



Launch targeted campaigns on apps and websites of the Google network, with more than two million websites and more than 90% of reached users.

For your campaign, be2be will:

  • Create static and dynamic banners and effective ads;
  • Target only those users that are really interested in your activity;
  • Customized reports.


Remarketing allows you to strategically position your communication towards those users browsing on Google or on the partner sites, redirecting it to those who have already interacted with your website.


be2be plans the best strategy through:

  • Creation of dedicated banners and publication on the network websites;
  • Targeting and creation of lists based on the user experience;
  • Campaign Statistics.








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