With more than 2.41 billion active users [1], Facebook is the most popular and influential social network in the entire web, due to its huge distribution is certainly the most varied social network in terms of age, sex, interests, locations and much more.


Due to the impact that social networks have on the consumers’ choice, relying on a Facebook Ads campaign for the promotion of your products or services is the best way to draw future and prospects and increase brand awareness.


44% of the users recognise the influence that Facebook has had on their purchase[2]


A Facebook Ads campaign offers many benefits:

  • Reaching users targeted for age, sex, location, interests, latest activities and much more;
  • Choosing the campaign most suited to your needs: increase the traffic on your website, increase your fan base, optimize the landing page conversions and get in touch with your page visitors (remarketing).


Depending on you communication goals, be2be defines the best marketing strategy for your campaign, by:

  • Setting target based on geo and interests;
  • High engagement formats and graphics according to your goals;
  • On-going optimization;
  • Real-time reports.



This campaign aims to spread knowledge of your brand and its perception. Especially, ‘’brand awareness’’ optimizes the amount of people that will see your ad, while ‘’coverage’’ limits the views frequency. The latter is well-suited to seasonal or tactical  promotion.



The Consideration Campaign aims to increase users engagement rate by promoting a specific action (from a click to filling a form) when they are seeing your advertising. The ‘’traffic’’ draws your target to browse your website, ‘’interaction’’ brings the user to become a fan of your page and to follow you, ‘’video ads’’ intercepts the users that viewed at least a frame of it, ‘’lead generation’’ proposes a form to gather qualified leads interested in your offer.



With the Conversions Campaign you get an explicit user need bringing him to concretize his choice. You can push purchases on your e-commerce or presenting your catalogue on Facebook by activating the remarketing on whoever has visited your website (‘’catalogue product selling’’ objective).


be2be follows you in the choice of the goals most suited to your needs and to your business, selects your target, plans and optimizes the campaign to give you the best results.



[1] https://zephoria.com/top-15-valuable-facebook-statistics/



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